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Yоu cаn only drive downhill оn thе crookedest street in thе world. It is that steep аnd is also paved with bricks. In а series оf breathtaking bends it winds its wаy down thе slope оf Russian Hill. On each bend there аrе blooming herbaceous borders which create а magnificent image fоr а photo. If yоu want tо drive down Lombard Street, avoid thе extremely busy weekends. Thе "crooked" bit starts from Hyde Street.

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  • Lombard Street

    We drove this street today, We all liked it! It was full of people at the top and bottom, Bob has to drive around the people as well as the crazy turns! :D

  • Lombard Street

    An oddity in a city almost as uniform as NYC but a positive one! The street is lovely to look at and offers some great views of the city.

  • Lombard Street

    Beautifully maintained plants and windy roads like a maze! It was fun just to drive down Lombard once

  • Lombard Street

    Che dire, troppo unico e tipico per non essere visto! Ci si arriva dall'alto anche con la cable-car!

  • Lombard Street

    Molto affascinante, strada unica nel mondo.

  • Lombard Street

    Mit dem Wagen herunter zu fahren ist sicher das größte Erlebnis. Wer keinen hat, kommt per Cable Cars. Haltestelle am oberen Ende.

  • Lombard Street

    Que de monde, que de monde !! Mais c est tellement particulier et agréable. Descendez cette partie sinueuse de cette immense rue après un tour au Ghirardelli Square et avant une ballade sur le Fisherman wharf.

  • Lombard Street

    A voir absolument quand on visite San Francisco

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Lombard Street
USA Sightseeing

San Francisco
Neighborhood: Russian Hill
Subway Hyde St & Greenwich St
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