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Notre-Dame du Sablon

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Notre-Dame du Sablon 4.5 72
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Thе richly decorated late-Gothic church is effectively sited between thе small аnd large Sablon. Every evening, when thе church is lit up inside, thе large stained-glass windows bestow festive light оn thе pews.

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  • Notre-Dame du Sablon

    This is my third visit to this church and it is exceptional. The church has a wonderful history that is summarized in a pamphlet in at least six languages to aid in the tour. There are beautiful stained glass windows and a large carved wooden lectern as well as many statues. You may be fortunate to be there when the soloist is practicing for mass or better even attend mass as she has a fantastic voice and accompanied with the organist makes this church visit memorable (this happened to me all three times and included mass).

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Notre-Dame du Sablon
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Rue de la Régence

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Subway Hôtel des Monnaies - Munthof
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